About James Street Flowers Brisbane Florist 

James Street Flowers has been a part of the Brisbane floral scene for more than 20 years. Under a watchful eye, Martin Gay has built a business based on superior customer service, high quality product and trend setting design. James Street Flowers is the go-to florist if you are looking for something different or a bit left of centre. The original store was located under the fig tree at the roundabout in Moray Street, New Farm. Moving in 2007 to the James Street precinct, James Street Flowers is 5 minutes from the Brisbane CBD and central to the surrounding inner city suburbs. Being close to everything has proved popular with corporate clients and regular customers. James Street Flowers is one of the few Brisbane florists who will always stock abundant, high quality seasonal blooms. The store is open 7 days and receives fresh flowers and foliage everyday of the week